SUPPLY, NC 28462

To: David and Linda Weller

We know you are in the process of selecting a builder for your new home in North Carolina
and we wanted to let you know how happy we were with Bill Dorn. We had an unpleasant as
well as costly experience with a builder who ended up leaving the job after approximately 20%
completion. As it turned out we were probably better off with him not finishing the job as the
quality of his work was questionable at best.

After interviewing several builders we decided to have Bill Dorn finish the house for us. He
spent the necessary time with us to assure us that our finished house would be exactly as we
wanted and also spent a lot of time correcting the mistakes of the previous builder.

We have lived in the house for almost one year and we have had very few minor things
that have had to be adjusted / repaired and Bill and the people that work for him have fixed
everything to our satisfaction in a timely manner.

Please feel free to call us if you have any additional questions as we would be happy to answer

Chris and Craig Skaja


When we decided to build a house and retire to Brunswick County (Seascape) we thought we had
done our due diligence in selecting a builder. Unfortunately, after 5 months of construction the first
builder we chose decided to not finish the job and to not pay any of the subcontractors and keep the
money we had already paid him. The bank had released funds to him for jobs that were not even

We restarted the process of finding a builder to finish the house that was under roof, but not
completely framed and certainly not weatherproofed. After interviewing and meeting with a
number of builders we choose Bill Dorn of Dorn Custom Homes because he seemed to understand
our plight and was honest with us about what finishing the house would cost and what needed to be
redone. While we were in the process of negotiating with the first builder’s subcontractors, Bill and
his people got the house weatherproofed so we didn’t incur any further damage.

We recently moved in to the house Bill finished for us and we couldn’t be happier. Bill always kept
us informed about our progress and where we stood. He gave us excellent advice on saving costs
and found us wonderful people to work with.

We love our house and Bill made what could have been an absolute disaster a much more pleasant
experience and restored our faith in the building business in Brunswick County.


Dorn Development Group, LLC
5211 Marina Club Drive
Wilmington, NC 28490-4103

Dear Bill:

Thank you for your recent effort to ensure the success of our proto deck builds
at Tangle Oaks. We appreciate the effort, workmanship, consulting and
close working relationship with both the architect, Henry Johnson and the

These are difficult financial times for all of us. Your ability to help take this
project to the next level while assisting to value engineer on the fly is sincerely
appreciated by our Board and the Tangle Oaks community.

While we are not sure that this project will be approved at this time based on
both financial and architectural considerations, the effort of you and your team
is sincerely appreciated.

The Tangle Oaks maintenance committee looks forward to working with you in
the future on this and other projects.

Robert J. Mocock
Tangle Oaks
Maintenance Chairman

– Mike & Therese Mancini
Winding River Plantation
(Completed 2008)

– Chris & Craig Skaja
SeaScape at Holden Plantation
(Currently Under Construction)

– Cathy Whalen & Larry Montrose
SeaWatch at Sunset Harbor
(Currently Under Construction)

-Stacey F. Coburn
Winding River Plantation, Bolivia, NC
910.755.7154 910-880-2410
(Completed 2006)

-Pete Van Wilgen
Winding River Plantation, Bolivia, NC
(Completed 2007)

-Tom Myslinski
Porter’s Neck Plantation, Wilmington, NC
(Completed 2004)

-David and Dee Poteet
Winding River Plantation, Bolivia, NC
(Completed 2005)

-Peter and Rhonda Babinski
Dolphin Bay, Wilmington, NC
(Completed 2005)

-George and Susan Dragity
Porter’s Neck Plantation, Wilmington, NC
910.681.1641 732-740-0919

(Completed 2006)

Additional referrals upon request.